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Show me some luuurve
come one, come all
Generally I'll use this thing to update on my life's events to date… 
30th-May-2008 04:23 pm
Generally I'll use this thing to update on my life's events to date (or at least since my last post), but I think that's pretty much covered in Hannah's last post (for those of you who don't have her added, it's basically about the 4 day Hindu wedding we went to on the weekend).

Today however, I just felt like having a little rant, I just feel a bit hopeless and run down. Once again I've come to the end of another course, and have even less of an idea what I want to do.
I think I'm done with education for now, I'd just like to find a job I can settle into, progress up, make some good money and be happy. I've been scouring the NHS jobs pages since I have no idea where to look, I guess the MEN jobs paper might be worth a look. I do have money to last me for a bit, but most of that has been allocated to my motorbike (which I'm still looking for, I found 2 very nice ones, which had sold before I managed to call the owners). I should really get off my arse and lodge a complaint about my course I've just finished, and how shit they all were. Some compensation is entitled, which would help right now.

I don't know... I already have 2 part time jobs so I could ask for more time at either of them, but I want something I can focus on, have a future with, only I have no idea what I want I want a future in. I do hope something comes along...

I guess only time will tell.
I do tend to land on my feet, so here's hoping for that.

Until then I'll just make do with listening to white, middle-class, angsty rock music to make myself feel better.
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