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Show me some luuurve
come one, come all
It's been since June since I last made a post, and I have very little… 
2nd-Jan-2009 03:06 pm
It's been since June since I last made a post, and I have very little to say still. It's a new year, so I guess I should do the whole obligatory "New Years Resolution Post", I can't be bothered to do a retrospective of 2008, so I'll just look on to 2009.
It seems odd that we're on 2009 already, one more year and we'll be out of the naughties, and I'll be into my 4th decade of life... that's weird...
Right, my NYRs...I guess I need to put things into perspective, quite tired of things now, work at Cheadle is good- excellent money, nice enough people, easy work, etc, but it's not what I want to be doing, so I guess a job/career is something I'd like to get sorted out this year (great economic state to be in this situation eh?). I have considered joining the police, so that's one avenue I should look a bit more into, but I like what I know so far.
My body has fallen into noticeable disarray, which I could do with sorting out by eating properly and doing some excercise. Where did it go wrong? There's no way I'm letting 16 be my peak age, that's just wrong!
Friends! Not being a particularly social being makes keeping in touch with people quite difficult, so I'd like to make some amendments to my personality in that respect.
Other than that I don't know, I guess they're just the pressing issues of my life I dislike the most and would like to change most rapidly. I have other smaller things I'd like to accomplish this year... Get out on my bike more, do some kind of traveling, be it holiday, extended bike rides or both...riding around europe is appealing to me...
Going to a festival or two would be nice, depends on the line up though I think?

Ok, I'll put these into an more tangable form for your ease of skimming, I know your friends pages get full...

1. Get a job/career
2. Take up exercising
3. Go out more

I think that'll do me for now.
Happy New Year!
7th-Jan-2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
i'll meet you at hotel Ibiza Rocks and we can throw stones at whoever is playing...
then you'll be combining a festival and a bike ride. WIN!
also - your body has not fallen into disarray. just because you no longer look like christian bale in "the machinist" does not mean you're out of shape.
mmm... christian bale...
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