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Show me some luuurve
come one, come all
June 18th, 2010 
07:38 pm - Recent Times
As ever, it's been too long since I've updated on here, so I'll just ignore the majority of crap that's happened since my last post and instead focus on where I'm at right now.

Brief overview of current situations with my life:

1st year of uni is done and gone, went well, get results soon(ish). Done work experience for the BBC and with an acoustic consultancy company at the Platt Fields Festival (who are keeping me on record for working other festivals/gigs/events). Both were quite dull, but are great for my cv and were good experience.

Currently packing up my stuff for moving back to Marple, leaving at the end of July since my mum's moving to Qatar to teach (go her!), so I get to stay in the house for free and thus save some money.

Most of my attentions right now are focused on planning for Latitude festival, I'm trying to get a new car for the drive down and so have to sell my lovely motorbike :( (more details here, for those interested)
Obviously, this has meant that I've been looking at MANY cars and have drawn up a short list of 3 I'd like (and can afford):
1) Volkswagen Golf
2) Audi A3
3) Volvo S40

The first 2 are essentially the same car, but the golf's are considerably cheaper, both do a nice 1.8 turbo engine which I'd be happy with. The volvo has great spec but I think I'd only really want the T4 version, 200bhp engine, that's enough power to beat pretty much any boy racer by a long way.
I guess it's just a matter of how much I get for my bike and what's available at the time, as is ever the case.

Hopefully living at my mum's will enable me to save enough money to get a nice bike next year.

Anyway, that's pretty much all that's occurring in my small, boring, capitalist orientated life.
I'm sorry.
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