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6th-Mar-2008 05:29 pm - Landan
Got back from London yesterday, not really been bother to post anything on here till now (not really had the time to either...not that I do now though TBH).
During our 2/3 day stay, we did very little, although, we did enough, given the time constraints.


we arrived in London at about 2:00, after taking an earlier train (there was supposed to be some problems with our train, good job we got there early really). It was REALLY easy to find the hotel, since it's literally across the road from Euston which was very nice (the convenience, not the hotel, the hotel was a bit ranc really).
We checked the map and desided to go give the Museum a view, which is well worth it for those who've never been...

hannah with creepy santa

More Within...Collapse )


The gig!
We got there stupidly early, but soon met up with a few people I know off the message board, so we had some good company. after 7 hours of waiting in the freezing cold, we were first to be let in (though they split the queue into 2 in the last hour, so those of us who'd been waiting for hours were then sat next to those who'd just got there, which REALLY fucked me off. anyway, the gig itself was awesome, excellent sound in a magnificent venue

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The depressing inevitable return home...
1st-Mar-2008 01:20 pm - 24 - The Jack Bauer Power Hour!
I've been watching 24 recently, after years of being told by MANY people, of how good it was, I decided to give it a try.

I'd got through the entire 1st series after about 3 days! Loving it :D
So far I'm 4 hours into the 2nd series, so only 20 to go... and another 4 serieses after that :D

I'm going to London on Monday.
I've never been before, I would like to say I'm going to go see all the sights and what have you, but to be honest, I'm pretty sure we'll just end up staying in the hotel room, making the most of the privacy which we very rarely get at home.
Oh, yeah, I'm actually going for a Goldfrapp gig on the Tuesday, which should be good.
23rd-Feb-2008 01:10 pm - Handheld Synths Rule!!
Just decided I wanted to check the price (and possibly buy) a "Rolf Harris" Stylophone:

But, I managed to stumble across this little beauty:

If unconvinced by its amazingness, have a look at this:

Now all I need is a spare £100 to get one.

Roll on April and the next installment of my Student Loan :D
10th-Feb-2008 02:06 pm - Phone, House, stuff...
I have a new phone :D
This sexy beast, in white:

For those I didn't text... though I think I text every one, my old number still works until 20th, get in touch if you need the new one though (Pril, I don't know which number of yours I sent the message to, I think I sent it to your old number..?).

Going for a second viewing of a house in Didsbury tomorrow morning, I hate this paniced phase of looking, where I'm not sure if I should grab what I can, in the thought that it may be the best I can find, or whether I should hold out and wait to see if anything better shows up, but at the same time risk losing a good house. I don't want to have that same problem again this year!

It's a really nice house, Hannah and I would get an en-suite in our room, which would be great. I can't remember if it's a shower, bath or shower/bath, but there's a loo in there too (it's a really good size). Since we're sharing the big room, we'd also get the smallest box room as our spare, to keep the crap out of our bedroom. There is quite limited communal space, as in it only has a kitchen/diner/lounge, but, it is a good size, and it would encourage us to be more open with our doors. All the bedrooms are a really good size, and there's 3 toilets (including the en-suite), which means there's gonna be no trouble there, so that's great. It's a quiet area (which is good for Bonnie), has parking, big garden and a garage (not included with the house, but I'll speak to the landlord to see if I can rent it, the guys not using it at all, so that'd really help for a bike).

For those who care, this is it

Sorry, this post has really just been me thinking out loud... I guess I'm posting more now than usual.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that too...
8th-Feb-2008 04:22 pm - New Job!!!
As per my last post, I had my interview today, and was immediately offered the job.
Which is nice :D

So, I now am doing a full time degree course, am a Bookseller for Borders, and a Nursing Assistant for Cheadle Royal... hhhmmmm, bit of a busy schedule I think...?

See how I work as an NA before I leave Borders I think. I still have to wait for my CRB (Criminal record check) to come back as clear before I start too.


Ooo, going looking at a couple of seemingly nice houses tomorrow too, so hopefully have a new house as of tomorrow too. Although we do have things more or less sorted with this place though... I say that, but the landlord's still being confusing. After them thinking we're leaving in July, and us pointing out we're not, we desided, it might actually be best for us to do so. So the house is (I think) still up for July, so if someone signs for it we'll get it in writing that the contract ends in July, but if no one signs for it (which they clearly won't untill all the nice ones have gone (it's not a 5 bed house!)), we'll stay on till September, but, thing is, he'll than have no one to show people around the house, and no one to let it too!
Meh, the guy's an idiot.
I imagine it'll go in about May or June probably. I really can't be arsed putting up with more people coming round, completely unannounced, to view the house. I had to explain to my housemates that it's not actually illegal, since they're not letting them into the house. it's just a fucking moronic and thoughtless method of doing things. Idiots.

Please, everyone join me and boycot Homes4U, they are the most retarded bunch of people I've had the misfortune to have any form of dealings with. I feel violated to have breathed the same air as them!
</news> </ranting>

Comment me!
2nd-Feb-2008 08:19 pm(no subject)
Bonnie's pretty much settled in now and made herself at home

I let her outside for the first time today, she seemed a little scared at first, but then ran off around the neighbours gardens. Whether it was just to scare the shit out of me or not, I don't know. She came back pretty quickly though.
Think I'll leave it a bit before next letting here out now, just ease her into it.

Polysics a week on Tuesday, went to get tickets today, to be told they sold out, but will be getting some more in next week. I god damn hope they do anyway. That should be good :D

Job interview on Friday, hope that goes ok. Will post afterwards if all goes well, and never speak of it again if it doesn't.

Looking for a new house now, after the landlord putting the house up for let, and viewers coming to the house at all hours, with no one but me to show them round the house (uber fucking annoying!). We desided to look for a new place, came across our own place advertised for July, which is even more annoying since our contract's till September. So, we're expecting to get our 2 months notice in about April. But, we also plan to hand our own notice to him as soon as we can find somewhere else. This house has so much potential, it's a lovely place, it's just a shame the landlords a complete prick!

So, we're now looking for a new house.

I want this house!!! I don't care about the rent, I want to live there!!!
Jacuzzi and sauna room motherfuckas!
21st-Jan-2008 09:50 pm - Cats!
Just got a call from my mum, after trying to talk to her all day. She sent me a message in work asking me to call, so I did when I got onto my break, asked her what it was about, and she said it was about Bonnie (my cat). So, obviously, I start to panic, shit scared something's happened to her, she tells me there's nothing wrong with her, but she'll speak to me later. I wait till I get home, call her, her husband answers and says she'll call me back, an hour and a half later a get a call from her. Turns out she's sick of my cat and wants me to take her to live with me here, so as of Friday this week, I'll have my cat living with me :D
I can't wait :D

I could've trimmed this post down loads....

I mean, I really made it much longer than it needs to be....?

18th-Jan-2008 06:13 pm - Keeping up appearances
Since Iain's keeping his posts flowing, I figure it only fair that I should do the same, given my abundance of excess time I have on my hands.

I downloaded the new iTunes/QuickTime update, and as always, there seem to have been absolutely no changes to iTunes, which actually needs some attention, and QuickTime appears to have completely fucked up, since it will now no longer play any videos online. CUNT!

Neighbours have been hammering something for the past 3 or 4 hours... seem to have stopped now though... I have no idea what needs that much time to hammer in though...?

I have my bike test tomorrow...well, my CBT, should pass it easy, but still a little nervous. I can't wait to get out on a bike again, I'm sure it'll be lovely weather for it too :D
I'm dying to get through my bike test, then get some big meaty mother to ride around.... after some practice of course ;D

Also in Danny's news today, we had another group of people come round to view our house, I clearly don't mind this, as it's expected, but when you're not asked if you want to stay on for the next year, recieve phonecalls off estate agents telling you they're sending people round in a matter of hours (the law states you should have 24hrs notice), and then you're expected to be the one who sells the house (no estate agents or the owner bother to turn up), it gets quite annoying.
So I guess, the quicker soeones signs for it, the quicker the calls stop.

Can't wait for brum brums!!!

(edit: spoke too soon.... just had another group of people come to view the house. Only, these ones had absolutely NO warning of them coming. What kind of crappy estate agents arranges a viewing of a house without actually telling anyone? Least of all the people who live there?! Think I'll make an annoyed phone call....or abusive email...?)
16th-Jan-2008 11:40 am - New Year....belated
New year, means new post,
One to comment on how I never post on here any more, and how long it's been since I have done (continuing trend if I glance over all previous post....?).

Anyway, it's the new year now, and supprisingly, no miraculous change of personality occured over 12am, like some seem to believe will. But I guess I've had some changes to my life in general.

Things which have occured in my life to date of recent:

I got a sexy new camera before xmas, the canon PowerShot S80

so much time has been spent messing around, taking rubbish photos and getting used to all the little hiden extras which it contains.

College/Uni, is going as rubbish as ever, some units are going fine, even though I've missed the majority of the year by being a lazy cunt and not getting out of bed. I just want to get it all over with. The college still aren't providing programs which are essential for the course, so I intend to claim money back at the end, also for the fact that one tutor isn't teaching or providing us with the course material. COCK!
I don't know if I want to carry on for a 3rd year, but, it is at MMU, and it will give me a degree, which will mean I won't have to deal with this crap again.
But, I don't even know if I'll pass this year...

As Hannah mentioned in her post, we're going to see Goldfrapp in March, which will take us all the way to London. Which should be nice, since I've never been. We're going for a couple of days, so we might get some attractions seen, who knows.
Having said all this, I'm still waiting on the tickets to be delivered, they "tried" on Monday (left a card without knocking), so I had they rearranged for today, they were nicely specific with times, by saying between 9-5. So I have to wait for the entire fucking day!

Other than these newses, I have my CBT booked for Saturday (bike proficiency test), and so will be good to get a motorbike after then. Hoping to get my full bike test sorted within the next few months too :D
I can't wait to get back on a bike again (legally).
Although, the recent weather seems a little off putting to say the least.

Also, applying for a new job working at Cheadle Royal as an NA, hopefully this will mean better hours, better working conditions, and inspite of it being on the psychiatric ward (hopefully the eating disorders one), easier/nicer people to deal with. Plus the pay's awsome.
I'm just so sick of Borders now, tired of being treated like shit, and not even being paid for it... I need to get this application sorted out ASAP.

Erm... other than that, I have a cold, which is enabling me to be off college for yet another day, and write this for you all. So, I have lots of snotty/blooded tissues scattered randomly around the room. Tis like an entry for the tate modern.

I guess that's enough of a ramble for now really.
Show me some love and leave me some comments please.
17th-Nov-2007 02:19 am(no subject)
Homer on toilet
Recent Developments in my everyday life: (Aside from very little)

I went to see Hot Hot Heat on Thursday, that was good fun. I've never seen them live before, and they have a really good energy to them. Saw Kat there too which was nice, not seen her for a long time prior to that. Went out to 42s after that, but I guess there's enough information contained within that statement for you to guess how the night went from there.

I'm getting a little bored of drinking now, I hardly drink as it is, but then when I do go out to drink I spend a small fortune on doubles all night and don't even get tipsy. What's up with that?!

Since it's been so long since I last posted (as always) I guess there's some things to fill in, though, nothing really springs to mind. I guess the usuals would be love life (some interest ;D), uni life (going ok, but quickly developing into mass coursework panic) and music life (seen a few acts since... let's see... Scott Matthews, Rufus Wainwright, Maximo Park, Blood Red Shoes, Thief (a couple of times), Hot Hot Heat as mentioned before.... erm... I thought there were more, but I can't think of any really).

Well, other than that, the last member of our house has moved in now (I'm helping her move some final things tomorrow), so it's nice to have everone here, though it's a rarety to have us all under one roof still. The house is far more homely now, but the heating's shit and the house is big, which is a bad combination.
I still need to go see April and Iain's new house, so if you guys are reading this, leave me a comment of your address or something and when's good to come see.

As always, I'll finish with a truely redundant statement about how I don't do this nearly often enough, and how I'll try to make an effort to do this more often (basicly I'll check in in another few months probably).

Oh, I'd also like to welcome Hannah on to here, and hopefully she'll help keep me on track with my postings :D
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